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Dental Health

A Confident Smile For Life

These days it really is possible to keep your own teeth for life. To give you the best chance possible of doing this The Smile & Implant Centre takes a continuing care approach to your dental health. Our team includes dental hygienists who understand that the practice of good dental care is key to preventing disease and other oral problems. As a patient at our dental practice you can feel confident that you are being helped be a team of professionals who get to know you and your smile and spot any potential problems before, or as they arise. This process helps you benefit from:

  • Less dental decay and associated toothache.

  • Fewer fillings and the likelihood of advanced treatments.

  • A more attractive smile and a fresher feeling mouth.

  • Lower dental costs.

Dental Care from the Beginning

Our Dental Health services also extend to cover children. Our belief is that children should become comfortable with visiting the dentist and having dental treatments at a young age. Not only does this help give your child the best chance of maintaining good long-term dental health but regular dentist visits can also help prevent any potential dental anxieties from developing.

Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

If you have dental anxiety then you may not visit the dentist as often as you should. A fear of the dentist is a genuine and common fear that affects many people. At The Smile & Implant Centre we will never simply dismiss a dental fear. Instead, we aim to make your dental experience as relaxed and comfortable as possible so that you feel comfortable receiving the treatment you require.

Protect Yourself With Our Dental Care Plan

As part of our dental health services, The Smile & Implant Centre also offer our own Dental Care Plans created as a way to support your preventive dental care and the treatments you may require to prevent dental disease.

Book Your Dentist Appointment Today

If you are looking for family friendly dentist in Leicester or wish to speak to someone about your dental health or fear of the dentist contact The Smile & Implant Centre, today on 0116 254 1298. Our team will be happy to help.