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Nervous Patients

Rational or otherwise a fear of the dentist, or of dental treatment, has always been a factor in preventing many patients who want or need treatment from visiting a dentist.

At The Smile & Implant Centre we understand that a fear of the dentist can develop for a number of reasons such as:

  • A bad dental experience in the past.

  • An inherited fear from parents who communicated their own fears to you.

  • Imagined potential pain or discomfort.

Whatever the reason, or reasons, your fear will feel very real to you. At The Smile & Implant Centre dental practice we will never simply dismiss a dental fear. Instead, we will help make your dental experience as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Nervous PatientsWe address your dental fears in two ways:
  • First, we use a calming environment and distraction techniques to reduce the focus on your dental phobia. From the fish tank in our waiting room, to soothing music in the surgery, to DVD glasses so you can watch a film of your choice we will help you to not have to think directly about your dental treatment.

  • Second, we will take the time to understand why you are worried. We will talk to you about the routines and procedures you will undergo and introduce you to treatments at a pace you can manage, so that you feel in control at all times and never pressurised or hurried.

Don't hand down your fears
If you have children, we strongly recommend that you start bringing them to the practice as soon as possible, so that they can see there is nothing to worry about at the dentist and decrease the chance of your fears being passed onto them. It may even become the case that, in concealing your anxiety from your children, you may be sufficiently distracted to feel a little better yourself.

Alternatively, if you really are visibly upset during your visits, it may be worthwhile having a relative or friend bring your children for their check-ups, until we have helped you to overcome your concerns.

For more information about overcoming a dental phobia or to book a consultation, please contact our dental team on 0116 254 1298.