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White Fillings

Of course, no fillings at all would be the ideal, but if you must have a filling your smile will look more natural and beautiful with a bonded white filling.

Patients at The Smile & Implant Centre now overwhelmingly prefer white fillings, not only because of the way they look and feel, but because they strengthen weak teeth. White fillings have also experienced an increase in popularity in response to growing concern about the safety of mercury (silver) fillings.

In the past, white fillings were not as strong as less attractive amalgam. But with today's technology white fillings can easily withstand the stress required to serve even as a filling in a back tooth. And besides looking better, a tooth filled with white composite is more resistant to fracture.

Whatever your reasons, opting for or switching to white fillings will give you a better looking, stronger smile.

For more information about White Fillings and how they can improve your smile, call The Smile & Implant Centre, dentist in Leicester, today on 0116 254 1298.