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Smiles By Design

At the Smile & Implant Centre we want to help restore confidence in your smile. To make sure we do this properly we first need to understand why you're not happy with your smile and assess your concerns from a dental health as well as an aesthetic perspective.

Once we understand the nature of your concerns, and have explored any underlying causes or considerations, we follow some basic design principles to achieve your perfect smile:

Symmetry and Horizontal Alignment
Symmetry is nature's perfection, but very few faces are truly symmetrical. Our dental team won't therefore try achieve perfect symmetry for all of your teeth but will instead will focus on perfecting the most noticeable front teeth.

A Wide, Curvy Smile
If your smile is too narrow your side teeth may be in shadow. We can recommend treatments to show the progression from front to back teeth with a good curve which follows the line of your lower lip.

Gums and Gaps
Your gum line should follow the line of your upper lip to show plenty of tooth in your smile. After all if your teeth look great, you’ll want to show them off. The bottom edges of your teeth should be gently tapered at the corners so that they’re not unnaturally square.

With these principles guiding us we will design a treatment plan to create your perfect smile, complete with a breakdown of costs, which you can take away with you. There's no pressure to sign-up for treatment right away so you can relax and take the time to consider whether you’d like to proceed.

For more information about Smile by Design or to book your appointment call The Smile & Implant Centre, dentist in Leicester, on 0116 254 1298.