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CrownsRe-Shape Your Smile With Crown Treatment in Leicester

A dental crown (sometimes known as a dental cap) is a cosmetic dental treatment which is used to restore and protect teeth that have been damaged or broken, by providing a protective cover over a tooth.

Crowns can look and feel exactly like a natural tooth. Available in a variety of materials, the colour and shape can be matched to your own teeth or if you would prefer, Gold crowns still remain a popular, traditional choice.

Why Choose a Dental Crown?

A crown is strong and can last for many years, depending on the strength of the tooth underneath it and how well you look after your mouth and teeth.

Crowns can be used to whiten, reshape and realign existing teeth, creating a healthy and vibrant smile. Alternatively you may require a crown if you have had root canal treatment or if your tooth is cracked, decayed or chipped.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Dental Crown treatment typically follows these steps:
1. Preparation of your tooth/teeth.
2. Impression taking.
3. Construction of the dental crown.
4. Insertion of the crown.

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